Keeping one safe is important to only the individual that loves someone other than themselves. The heart is the foundation that beats to the drum of safety for others. Love of oneself and others involves safety. To love someone else means that you want that other person to be safe. The terms safety defines a process by which the one you may love is protected, by the concerned one. For example, you do not want your loved one to be hit by a car, shot at, or be chased by an animal because you become fearful for the one you love. You want that individual to be safe. To be safe in your emotional compound, your emotional safety net for the other individual. As an aside, do you believe that one can want safety for others more than they would want safety for themselves? Can you desire safety for others more than you can for yourself? Is it possible to want safety more than you want it for yourself? Or is it that you can only want safety for someone in the degree in which you have safety for yourself? Love involves wanting safety not only for the other person but also for yourself.

While you are focusing on shedding those things that are detrimental for yourself, adopting good personal habits is important. To recognize habits that you have the power to control, or influence lays the foundation for your personal safety. Personal safety should not stop you from enjoying a normal healthy life nor alleviate your concern for others’ safety. Protecting your personal safety and that of those you care about is a healthy, sensible, precaution that improves yourself and enhances the who and what am I.

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