I am a realist. I claim only that. I speak what I know. After 50 years as a psychotherapist, a father of 7, and a grandfather to many, all see me as a realist. My intention for this blog is for the reader to see me as such also. Whether you believe what I say or not is okay with me, but we will have fun with the knowledge I have acquired, hopefully, some wisdom to be passed on to the reader…you

Our last session we talked about “Now what” but today we will connect with “Who Am I.” “Who am I” really indicates to the reader that the image reflected is accurately you. Once you see yourself as the reflection in the mirror a question arises. The question is clear, “Who Am I?” The hardest thing for a person initially is looking at themselves in the mirror and asking themselves who they are. To do so with success means you must be honest with the person’s reflection that you see. It requires that you are honest with yourself. If you’re a procrastinator, insecure, depressed, or even one with an addiction of any kind be honest with yourself

The person in the mirror will not lie to you. So, first it’s up to you to do something about your situation. You may need to modify, or eve change something immediately. So, the change begins. Now if you think to yourself, who are you versus who you wish to be, this demands that you assess and follow through with the decision. It also means that you do it single mindedly, and not multiply. Try to complete things one at a time. Take one issue that you wish to change and work on that. Once you have some success with that one, you can move on to what else you may want to change.

“Who am I” indicates the positives and the negatives that make you who you are today. Change is inevitable for everyone. The choices of what to change is for the person in the mirror, and while doing that, do something enjoyable for yourself!

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