I am a realist. I claim only that. I speak what I know. After 50 years as a psychotherapist, a father of 7, and a grandfather to many, all see me as a realist. My intention for this blog is for the reader to see me as such also. Whether you believe what I say or not is okay with me, but we will have fun with knowledge that I have acquired, hopefully, some wisdom to be passed on to the reader…

All of us experience emotional difficulties. We look for causes, worry over decisions that are made, and fall short of our expectations. The outcome expected will sometimes lead us into despair depending on the severity of the situation. We experienced emotional and cognitive impact upon our state of mind. Many spiraled down a psychological hole. The depth of the person’s descent into the hole leads some people to despair and others to depression. Some find themselves meandering in a pool of no return.

What is the answer? It’s simplistic! Ask yourself, “Now what?!” What do you plan to do? You already spiraled down a sink hole. Do you plan to stay in the pot hole? That is depressing! Now you need to make a decision NOT to stay where you are! The ability to recognize where you are emotionally and psychologically will propel you to change the way you think, therefore that will help you to make the right decision to move from despair to action.

The concept of “Now what” means make a change in your behavior, get out of that bed “of do nothing”, and walk 15 minutes a day. Become more in tuned of your surroundings. Have the nerve to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Who Am I?”

How to use “Who Am I” to help you out of the hole of despair will be in our next conversation.

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