Chief Executive Officer, is a consultant, basketball coach, and motivational speaker who has spent over 50 years compiling research in the area of coach athlete communication .  He has spent 45 years in the sport of basketball as player, coach, and co-owner of a summer youth basketball camp and educational program.

Dr. Smith attended college on a dual athletic scholarship for track and basketball.  Basketball has been his sport of choice.  He has served the New Jersey  community for the past thirty  years, both as direct practitioner and as an agency head and administrator.

Dr. Smith holds Master Degree in Social Work Administration, and is certified as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. His Doctorate degree was earned in the Department of Health Sciences at Temple University  in Philadelphia, PA with a concentration in Kinesiology.

Some of Dr. Smith’s other areas of  expertise are counseling, therapeutic intervention, motivational speaking, and staff development and training.  In addition, many years in the public schools has solidified for him the vital importance of effective communication in all walks of life.